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Free Home Warranty

A $475 value!  Yours for free and without any obligation when you pre-register here and now.  This is obviously a great value when buying a home, any home, and it doesn’t have to be an antique.  Sellers also benefit when offering a Home Warranty to their buyer.  It eliminates many of the concerns that naturally arise when purchasing a home, especially an older home.

The Benefits When Buying A Home

  • Improved confidence in your home purchase
  • Peace of Mind & Relief from many unexpected costs and repair hassles

The Benefits When Selling Your Home

  • Distinguishes your home from other competing listings
  • Heightens buyer confidence and shortens selling time
  • Reduces Home Inspection issues

When you sell or purchase a home, an American Home Shield Home Warranty will protect the new owner for one full year per Terms & Conditions of Framingham Antique Homes.